Thursday, 28 March 2013

Passover Holiday Quiz

                   Enjoy this Passover Holiday Quiz.   The Answers will be posted at the end of the Holiday...

1.   How did God first appear to Moses?
A.                        Talking donkey
B.                        Burning Bush
C.                        Outside his tent
D.                        Jigsaw puzzle

2.   What was the 9th Plague?
A.                        Lice
B.                        Locusts
C.                        Darkness
D.                        Boils

3. Where in Egypt did the Children of Israel live from the time of Joseph?
A.                        Cairo
B.                        Luxor
C.                        Goshen
D.                        Memphis

4.  Where did God tell the Children of Israel to put the blood of the Passover lamb?
A.                        Tent entrance
B.                        Lamp
C.                        Doorposts and lintel
D.                        Ark

5.  What was the name of the mother of Moses?
A.                        Miriam
B.                        Jochebed
C.                        Martha
D.                        Rachel

6.  Where did Moses run away to after killing the Egyptian?
A.                        Israel
B.                        Persia
C.                        Midian
D.                        Ethiopia

7.  Whose bones did Moses take out of Egypt?
A.                        Abraham
B.                        Isaac
C.                        Sarah
D.                        Joseph

8.  How many days did the Plague of darkness cover Egypt?
A.                        4
B.                        5
C.                        3
D.                        2

9. How old was Moses when he spoke to Pharoah?
A.                        50
B.                        60
C.                        70
D.                        80

10.  Who was the older brother of Moses?
A.                        Noah
B.                        Levi
C.                        Aaron
D.                        Gershom
11.        ‘The LORD’s Passover begins at twilight on the 14th day of the 1st month’
              What time of day is ‘twilight’?
A.                        12am
B.                        6pm
C.                        3pm – 6pm
D.                        12am – 3pm

12.         At What time of day did Jesus die?
A.                        9am
B.                        12am
C.                        3pm
D.                        6pm

13.         During Unleavened Bread believers are forbidden to eat what?
A.                        Meat with fat
B.                        Goat’s milk
C.                        Lamb
D.                        Bread with yeast                      

14.         What is the name of the book that believers read from during the Seder meal?
A.                        Megillah
B.                        Copper Scroll
C.                        Zohar
D.                        Haggadah

15.         What is the recipe for Charoset?
A.                        avocado, bananas, coconut, pine nuts
B.                        sesame seeds, honey, pepper, cloves
C.                        dates, wine, walnuts, apples,
D.                        crisps, sour cream, peanuts,

16.         What does Charoset represent?
A.                        The mud at the bottom of the Reed Sea
B.                        The inside of the pies thrown at the Egyptians
C.                        The mortar used by the Hebrew slaves to lay bricks for Pharoah?
D.                        Desert toothpaste

17.        Which of the ‘Four sons’ was the most problematic?
A.                        The wise son
B.                        The evil son
C.                        The simple son
D.                        The son who does not know how to ask

18.        What is the Hillel sandwich?
A.                        The sandwiches that the Children of Israel took in their picnics
B.                        The ham sandwiches that the Egyptians gave the Children of Israel
C.                        A bagel with lox and cream cheese
D.                        Half charoset and half horseradish to represent bitterness to freedom

19.        Where is Mount Sinai?
A.                        It is one of the mountains around Jerusalem
B.                        In the Sinai peninsula of Egypt
C.                        In northwest Saudi Arabia
D.                        In New York City, USA

20.         How long did it take the Children of Israel to get to Mount Sinai?
A.                        3 weeks
B.                        8 weeks
C.                        3 months
D.                        10 weeks

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